SF Weekly Lists Best Sex Educators

SAN FRANCISCO — Sex educators by definition sound like boring academic types. But the new breed identified as the area’s best by SF Weekly are anything but — and some have notable adult roots.

Calling them the best “sexy teachers” in the sex education capital of the U.S.A., five top gurus made the grade in no particular order of importance.

Described as having one of the best sex and gender blogs on the Internet, former Good Vibrations’ alum with 16 years at the company, writer and teacher Dr. Charlie Glickman was honored, noting his book, "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure."

The paper also listed alternative therapist Dossie Easton who penned the definitive polyamory book, “The Ethical Slut,” along with her partner whom together have written six books on BDSM and tantra.

Japanese bondage performance artist Midori received kudos as a bondage teacher specializing in rope usage.

Workshops that teach touching in a non-sexual way created by Reid Mihalko earned him a spot on the “best” list. Mihalko, who has a history in martial arts, lectures about sex and relationships.

Noted sex tech columnist Violet Blue, who’s typically on the cutting edge of all things porn and sex-related also grabbed honors. “The former SF Gate columnist loves discussing free speech on the Internet, hackers and sex, and the best-designed new sex toys,” the Weekly said.