FirstMobileCash Announces Affiliate Promotion for June

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — FirstMobileCash announced today a promotional campaign offering affiliates bonuses for new member sign-ups during the month of June.

The “Traffic & Cash Matchy-Matchy” June promo pays an extra dollar for each new transaction in addition to affiliate earnings.

“As we just rolled out new design of our mobile sites with a lot of positive feedback, we wanted to offer affiliates an incentive to capitalize on the improved performance of our properties,” Rene Pour, managing director said.

He added, “All webmasters can earn an unlimited cash bonus equal to the amount of new transactions they generate during the month of June, starting from $3,000 and up. So, for example, if a webmaster brings in 5,200 new transactions during the month, he’ll earn a bonus of $5,200.”

The company noted that all mobile offers affiliated in the program are included in the promotion.

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