XR Brands Goes Green With New Digital Catalogs

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has announced the release of digital catalogs for its 14 popular brands.

The company said the catalogs are its latest effort to reduce its carbon footprint while giving retailers new interactive ordering tools. Each new catalog is designed to makes it easy and eco-friendly to update with new products, pages and accessories and provides customers with buyer-friendly features not possible with traditional paper catalogs.

Features include fully searchable pages, image zoom capability, and a share function that allows the viewer to send a desired product page to colleagues in an instant.

The portable paperless format lets buyers view each catalog on any smart phone or tablet, quickly find a product of interest and with one touch save or print any page in PDF format.

“We expand our lines with new products and features almost monthly and we’d have to print new catalogs each quarter just to keep up, so creating digital catalogs was the most cost-effective and earth-friendly way to keep our customers updated,” XR Brands general manager Randy Alvstad said.

He added, “These new catalogs give each brand a clear ‘identity’ and make it fast and easy for buyers to explore and understand the market we’re trying to reach.”

Providing digital catalogs also helps retailers and distributors “go green” with paperless ordering options, the company noted, which inspires XR Brands customers to consider reducing their own carbon footprints.

“XR Brands is dedicated to being proactive with easing our environmental impact while catering to the unique needs of our clients and while it’s not always easy, going digital with our catalogs was the perfect way to start,” brand manager Michael Merrill said. “We’re also exploring ‘greener’ packaging options and creating displays with interchangeable signs and digital video frames to eliminate paper waste.”

The digital catalogs are now available for download here.

For product sales information email Alvstad at randy@xrbrands.com.