Manwin Opens Ireland Office for New Mobile Games Division, Expansion

Bob Johnson

DUBLIN, Ireland — The Emerald Isle has been buzzing with the announcement that adult giant Manwin has opened new offices in the center of Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

A Manwin source told XBIZ that the discreet office has been set up to house the company’s new mobile games division and reportedly is already flush with 33 new employees.

The particular jurisdiction in Ireland, according to Manwin, is also used to hold the content assets that came with the Reality Kings and other U.S. acquisitions. “We are looking into moving all Cyprus companies to Ireland in the years to come, because Ireland is a better country for treaties that involve both U.S. and European business,” the source said.

But according to the Irish Independent, Manwin, like other U.S. multinationals including Apple, set up shop in Ireland because of its low tax policy.

Manwin however flatly denied the suggestion and said the move was not done to save taxes. “We actually pay more taxes because of Ireland, especially European VAT, but also corporate tax rates are higher in Ireland,” the source told XBIZ.

Regardless of the reason, Manwin is bringing jobs to the area and rubbing elbows with other high-tech firms including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

"We are in the midst of global expansion and very happy to be able to tap into the amazing local talent found in Ireland," a spokesperson told the Irish Independent.