Rachael Ray Promotes Jimmyjane Sex Toy on National TV Show

SAN FRANCISCO — Jack-of-all-lifestyle-trades Rachael Ray featured a Jimmyjane sex toy on her national TV show in a gesture advocating adult novelties for couples’ sex enhancement.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Venus Nicolino co-curated the episode “Spin the Bottle” and informed the audience and viewers at large about means to improve their sex lives.

When a male audience member announced that he was interested in reinvigorating his 18-year marriage by experimenting with “bedroom toys” with his wife, Nicolino suggested he try Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch and Little Chroma vibrators.     

“Bedroom toys are seeing this incredible revolution in technology,” Nicolino said on-air.“The majority of bedroom toys out there are actually used with couples. What does that say? Both men and women like them because of the new technology.”

She told the audience that Jimmyjane was one of her all-time favorite sex toy brands because “they’re classic, they’re discreet, they’re couple friendly.”

Nicolino then demonstrated how to use the product she called “magic fingers," using Ray as a model. The Hello Touch straps on to the wrist like a bracelet and the Little Chroma vibrators attach onto the pads of each fingertip, allowing the wearer to seemingly conduct an electric current through their hand.

Ray attached the mechanism to her hand and said she “felt like Spiderman.”

“It reminds me a little bit of E.T., like your body’s going to glow if someone touches you,” Nicolino said to Ray. “It’s actually quite cool.”

Ray gave the device to the audience member who was interested in couple-friendly sex toys.

Learn more about Hello Touch here.