Pjur Introduces Stimulating Caffeine-Based Lubricant

Lila Gray

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — Pjur Group has introduced pjur espresso, a water-based lubricant powered by the active ingredient caffeine.

The third product from pjur’s new Sexy Six collection works directly on the skin and increases blood flow to deliver a caffeinated “jolt” to the area it is applied. Your skin essentially "drinks" a cup of coffee.

“Everyone knows what it’s like – you feel tired, run down, exhausted,” the new pjur espresso commercial says. “Reliable, quick help comes from a strong coffee or espresso. Now pjur espresso brings that immediate caffeine kick right into your love life. You simply give your body another boost of energy.”

Despite using a coffee bean derivative, pjur espresso is completely free of taste, smell and color. Its stimulating properties come from a pure caffeine extract that does not retain the typical physical attributes of coffee.

pjur espresso is available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles and can be ordered at info@pjur.com