Paxum Adds Australian Dollar Currency Option

LOS ANGELES — Paxum Inc. on Wednesday announced the addition of AUD (Australian Dollar) currency accounts to its global e-wallet payment service.

Verified Paxum clients can now send Peer-to-Peer payments in AUD, USD, EUR, GBP and CAD currencies. Paxum clients may also withdraw or load funds in AUD via Wire transfer and check, plus EFT is enabled for withdrawal in AUD currency.

“We are pleased to strengthen our service offerings and provide even more options for our valued customers.“ said Paxum’s Business Development team. “AUD currency has been implemented to benefit our Australian clients, and an AUD currency checking account can be easily added to any verified Paxum account-holders profile.”

Paxum clients wishing to use the new AUD currency account can easily do so by logging in to their Paxum Account Control Panel and updating their account through “Add New Currency” located on the main Account Overview page.

All verified Paxum clients can add any available currencies to their account regardless of their country of origin.

There are no fees or extra charges involved with setting up additional currency accounts with Paxum. There are also no fees charged to transfer funds between Paxum currency accounts (ie: from your Paxum USD to your Paxum AUD), and the current exchange rate is displayed prior to the transfer, giving clients complete control.

Paxum is an award-winning money services business offering a secure, global e-wallet payment service in use today by hundreds of adult sponsor programs and thousands of adult webmasters.

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