Private's Mock Volleyball Shoot Featured in Spanish Sports Daily

IBIZA, Spain — Private Media Group’s “docu-porn” shoot of a fictitious international volleyball competition was featured today in the leading Spanish sports daily, “Sport.”

The headline, translated from Spanish, reads: “Sex, Sun Sand … and Beach Volleyball:  a unique and exciting experience. Beach volleyball becomes the centerpiece of a high voltage film. Ibiza and Private show us a world full of emotions.”

“For two days we lived with the actresses and actors, saw the shooting …,” it continued.

Private announced last month that it would shoot its “biggest block buster” of the year on the idyllic beaches of Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea 50 miles off the coast of Spain.

Scottish-born Gazzman directs the film; Sport notes that they were surprised by his ability to maintain both a “frenetic pace" and strict “meticulousness” at the shoot.  

The mock volleyball tournament pitted players from France against Spain and followed events on — and off — the sand. The “athletes” were asked to “certify their experience” Sport reported.

“We love the sport as a leitmotif for our movies,” Private CEO Charles Prast told Sport. “It conveys passion, effort, emotion ... We offer more than just sex, we offer happiness!”

Private Media hasn't yet announced the exact title of the film.

Sport May 22 Issue Featuring Private's Docu-porn