Assence Films Announces 1st Feature Movie

LOS ANGELES — Assence Films has announced production on its first feature length film, “Abercrombie & Bitch XXX.”

The studio said the movie follows the life and career of a clothing entrepreneur named Mike Douchies as he manages his clothing and business empire. Throughout his different companies, the film shows how Douchies discriminates employees of different body sizes only to find out his wife his leaving for him for a BBW.

"After the success of distributing 'Kelly Shibari is Overloaded' and other BBW titles, we saw an opportunity to make an amazing BBW feature and at the same time raise awareness that all body types are beautiful," Assence owner Mike Kulich said.

He added, "I have always said that the adult industry is one of the most accepting industries in the world. In mainstream culture kids in their teens are programmed to think what is beautiful instead of thinking for themselves. Adult offers a niche and a product for whatever you fetish may be."

Monarchy Distribution, the parent company of Assence Films is no stranger to the BBW genre having been nominated alongside Shibari for a number of industry awards. The studio has also signed on to sponsor the 2013 BBW Fanfest in Las Vegas and is nominated for Best Production Company and Best DVD Release at the BBW Fanfest Awards.

“This movie is going to be a lot of fun to make and it's rare that we can make a socially conscious film in this industry. We are really excited about this project,” Kulich said

The film is slated to ship by the end of October, 2013.

Assence Films is exclusively distributed by Exile Distribution.