Entrenue Now Stocks Aneros' Progasm Jr., Eupho Syn

PHOENIX — Entrenue is now a full-line distributor of Aneros brand ergonomic prostate massagers, including its two new products, Prograsm Jr. and Eupho Syn.

The products’ novel designs feature updated sizes, shapes and aesthetics to accommodate a wider customer demographic, while continuing to offer the hands-free motorless design synonymous with the Aneros brand.

“Aneros continues to surprise and excite the industry with new and innovative designs made exclusively for prostate health and massage, a category with steady and consistent growth,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “There’s nothing like Aneros on the market today and the popularity of these two new designs proves that this trend is far from over.”

The Progasm Jr. retains the same shape as the Progasm Classic, but is smaller in size. The compact alternative, made of smooth black plastic, offers focused prostate massage with two external stimulators – a tab targeting the perineum and a “K-tab” designed to apply pleasurable pressure to the tantric energy point known as the kundalini.

The Eupho Syn is made of velvet-touch silcone and has a slender profile for precise pleasure and pubococcygeus muscle fitness. Ideal for users with strong contraction control, the Eupho Syn helps develop more responsive sphincter muscles while massaging the prostate with hands-free motion.