Cyd Black Returns to Direct for

Bob Johnson

OAKLAND, Calif. — Intersec Studios has announced the return of Cyd Black to the company as director of its male dom/fem sub rope bondage site,

"We are pleased to add Cyd to our list of exclusive directors here at Intersec. His experience with Eastern and Western rope styles in conjunction with his safe and sane handling skills, plus years of experience, make him the perfect fit for Hardtied," CEO Matt Williams said.

Formerly a lead programmer and systems architect for SAIC, Black became disillusioned with the corporate paradigm and started his own bondage web site and hand finished rope company in 2002. His original bondage imagery and hand finished rope was noticed by Intersec's founder, PD, a former Carnegie Mellon Art Professor who took him on as an apprentice soon after. Black remained with Intersec, graduating from apprentice to rigger to company manager until the close of in 2005.

Determined to continue producing, Black created the site Device Bondage, and also coordinated directed and performed in Kink's first live streaming interactive shows. After an injury prevented from directing, he returned to Intersec as a contractor, to help them build their affiliate program,

Williams explained the business reasoning behind the decision: "We are moving to a one director, one site business model. We want our directors to focus all their creative energy into one property, thus ensuring the site is enriched with originality, creativity and profitability. When directors are overworked, or forced to run two or even three sites, they must spread that creative spark too thin, creating a product that is common, cookie cutter and lazy. We are the type of company others come to for inspiration and Cyd is the perfect fit for our growing company."

When asked why they chose Black, Williams said, "Cyd is a creator. He is not the type to look and copy what others have done, which is all too common in this business today. His work is often stunning, even seemingly to himself at times. His ability to push beautiful women to new sexual heights while remaining within their limits is a rare gift."

"It's a wonderful feeling to be able to do what you love in a small company of professionals who are tight knit friends and lifestyle players at the top of their game," Black said. "I'm happy I can focus my attention on a single project where the quality of the final product is what matters to everyone."

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