Hot House Releases 'Rafael Alencar Collection' for Wholesale Distribution

SAN FRANCISCO — Hot House Entertainment’s “The Rafael Alencar Collection” became available for wholesale distribution this week and features six scenes selected by Alencar himself.

In the collection, Alencar gets down with other Hot House exclusive performers Alex Collack, Kent North, Marco Paris, and Ross Hurston plus Marc Williams, Beaux Banner, Alexy Tyler, Max Schutler and Nick Marino.

The buxom Hot House boys merge in every permutation, at every chance they get. Whether it be at home or at gym, Alencar and a rotating assortment of guys couple and re-couple in hardcore positions, including three-person anal trains, double penetration and 69.

In one scene, Alencar and Collack don harnesses and team up to dominate Tyler using restraints and anal punishment, breaking from the video’s primarily jock-oriented hook-ups.

The video ends with Hurston bent over a stack of tires and Alencar dishing it from behind.     

Alencar debuted in Hot House’s “Manhunt 2.0” in 2006 and has since starred in more than a dozen of the studio’s top-grossing productions.

To order the "Rafael Alencar Collection" call Janet at Pulse Distribution at (888) 797-8573 or email