PVLocker Adds New Rental Feature

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Pink Visual announced Friday that it has added a new video rental option to its cloud-based content distribution platform PVLocker.com. The company is celebrating the Mother’s Day-coinciding launch by giving away free rentals of three of the studio’s most popular MILF scenes.

The three scenes being given away feature Lisa Ann, Diamond Foxxx and Nicki Hunter. The free rental codes and URLs for the free scenes are as follows: for Lisa Ann the code is HMELISANNMILFPVL and the scene URL is here; for Foxxx, it’s MSDFOXXXMILFPVL, and the url is here; and for Hunter, HMENICHUNTMILFPVL and this url.

"Even if it were not Mother’s Day weekend, we probably would have opted to "go MILF" with this promotion, because one of our strongest categories as a studio,” said Pink Visual’s Director of New Business Development, Liam Colins. “With three beloved superstars like Lisa, Diamond and Nicki, we anticipate a very high number of redemptions on these codes.”

Under the PVLocker rental system, scenes are priced at 99 cents or $1.99 for a 24-hour rental period. The rental period does not begin until the user hits "play" on the video for the first time – so users can select several rentals, store them in their locker, and watch the scenes at their convenience later on.

If the user subsequently decides to purchase the scene, the price of the rental is deducted from the purchase price of the scene.

“The rental system is a great way for new users to explore PVLocker for the first time, and an equally great way for existing PVLocker members to check out content they are curious about, but not quite sold on paying full price for,” Colins said. “The rentals are a huge hit with our existing member base, and we think they’ll be a strong draw for new customers, as well.”

For more information on the new PVLocker video rental option, pvlocker.com or contact Pink Visual at press@pinkvisual.com. For more information about the Mother’s Day MILF promo, visit topbucks.com