EroAdvertising Introduces 'Secure API' for Exporting Stats Data

Bob Johnson

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising has introduced an API (application protocol interface) that permits advertisers to export their stats into a XML file.

The company said the new feature allows advertisers to import all stats data through a secure link into their own software environments such as, but not limited to, accountancy software, analytic software, CMS systems, Salesforce, presentations, etc.

EroAdvertising explained that not only is this function ideal for advertisers who have many different campaigns in many countries with different languages, but it’s also a tool for traffic resellers and advertising marketing agencies to keep track of their clients' campaigns, results, conversions, spending and overall numbers to analyze.

With such transparent possibilities, all results can be compared on the EroAdvertising network to the internal numbers and results of the advertisers’ servers and software. Sorting all ROI and results per referring site has thus been simplified.

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