Raging Stallion Studios Releases 'Low Down Dirty'

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios released Steve Cruz's 60th feature film, “Low Down Dirty” on Friday, continuing the Monster Bang brand's gritty line of movies.  

Monster Bang’s latest film showcases a coupling of returning Raging Stallion star Tommy Defendi and muscled newcomer, Shawn Wolfe.

The films features 118 minutes of jackboots, beards and guttural ejaculations on a set created to resemble San Francisco’s urban underbelly.

“I was looking to film a gritty inner-city sex flick at the same time the studio was bringing in a graffiti artist to tag a set," Cruz said. "We merged ideas, cast a hot group of horndogs and shot directly under the streets of San Francisco for my 60th feature film, ‘Lowdown Dirty.' The high point of the film is a bang-on scene between our returning exclusive Tommy Defendi and new exclusive Shawn Wolfe. When the director has wood you know it’s good, and I was hard all through the filming of that scene.”

One scene employs a pile of tires as a grungy backdrop for Warrick Cade and James Ryder’s rough romp. Other pairings in the film include Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker; and Dale Cooper and Alexander Garrett.

Raging Stallion president Chris Ward remarked, “Steve Cruz doing some of his best work.”

"Lowdown Dirty" is now available for purchase in retail stores and online.