Smash Pictures Wraps 'Bitter Sweet'

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Smash Pictures’ upcoming romance/couples-themed feature, “Bitter Sweet,” has wrapped. The film, written and directed by Jim Powers, is slated for release on July 11.

The film is about love, fashion, and, according to Powers, lead actor Xander Corvus.

“The whole thing is kind of the story of Xander,” Powers said. “Here Xander is this male model  — in reality, porno actor — who’s got the reputation of being this party animal and this kind of a mess of a human being, out partying and drinking and so forth. So I basically just took Xander and I stuck him, instead of being in porno — well, it’s no different than being an Abercrombie and Fitch/stripper.”

According to Powers, Corvus was delighted to star in his own biopic.   

In the film, Corvus plays a freewheeling fashion model with a penchant for booze and a surfeit of sexual encounters, evinced by his dalliances with makeup artists (Emily Austin), cocktail waitresses (Riley Reid), aspiring dancers (Melody Jordan) and haute couture models (Alyssa Branch). In the midst of Corvus’ lascivious dealings, emerges Zoey Monroe, an ambitious line producer who is charged with getting Corvus to his shoots on time.

Despite her professional aims, Monroe begins sleeping with, and eventually falling for, Corvus. When Monroe is offered her dream job in New York, she is forced to choose between a forked fate — to stay and try to “fix” Corvus, or to pursue a career in the Big Apple.

“Xander kind of answers that question for her, and she decides to follow her dream, hence the title, ‘Bitter Sweet,’” Powers told XBIZ, and tacked on a bit of advice. “And any young woman that’s trying to find love and trying to mold a man: it’s just not worth it.”

Corvus won XBIZ’s Best Male Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor in 2012 and has quickly become one of the industry’s go-to feature performers since he entered the scene three years ago. Monroe has also been gaining traction in the adult world.

“I think Zoey Monroe is a real up-and-comer,” Powers said. “I find her absolutely gorgeous. I love the girl. I just find her incredibly hot.”

Other notable performers in “Bittersweet” include Cody Sky, Tyler Nixon, Logan Pierce and Billy Hart.