WoodRocket.com's 'Porks and Recreation Parody' Now Streaming

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — WoodRocket.com, the wonky mastermind behind “SpongeKnob Squarenuts," on Monday released the first installment (of five) of its new XXX parody, “Porks & Recreation.”  

Based on NBC’s hit show, “Parks and Recreation,” the parody retains the mockumentary format and hokey tone of its predecessor, but adds a dimension of hardcore sex.

“I love 'Parks & Recreation.' It's one of my favorite television shows," Director Lee Roy Myers said. "But I always felt like it was lacking in penetration. So, I took care of that.”

The spoof stars Aiden Starr as Leslie Knope and Dick Chibbles as Ron Swanson, who shack up when Leslie’s hubby Ben Wyatt critiques her for her excessive sensibility.

But even as Swanson bends Knope over a desk for a doggy-style scene, the laughs keep rolling. During penetration, Swanson asks, “What did you have for lunch?” “Sausage,” she answers in a deadpan.

In the parody, the good folks of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department take on a project slightly racier than plots of grass — The Pawnee Pornographic Business.

To celebrate, Swanson distributes celebratory gift baskets to the department’s employees, complete with a dildo and what looks like cookies.

Leslie stars in their first video, “Too Big to Nail” and finds release from the sexual repression barring her from Ben’s heart.

WoodRocket.com was dubbed a “leader in viral porn content” by Gawker and offers free adult-themed content, including the original web series, “James Deen Loves Food” and “Memes I’d like to F***.” Its content has been featured on Gizmodo, Jezebel, Gawker, and Vice.   

Installment one of "Porks & Recreation —The XXX Parody" can be streamed for free on WoodRocket.com

The safe-for-work trailer can be viewed here.