Fetish Force's 'Backyard Boys' Now Available

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Raging Stallion Studios’ latest Fetish Force title “Backyard Boys,” directed by Tony Buff, hits the streets today.

The film spans 2 hours and 40 minutes and plays out on the set of Raging Stallion feature, “Behind the Big Top.”

“’Behind the Big Top’” promises to be one of the sexiest and most artistic gay erotica offerings of 2013,” Raging Stallion president Chris Ward said. “Tony Dimarco [Buff] created an amazing, sexually charged world, and then brought the perfect group of rough and rugged studs to inhabit it. This movie builds a powerful erotic fantasy that will draw fans in to enjoy all its pleasures.”

 “Backyard Boys” reveals a “typical” after-party for these twisted carnies and side-show fetishists once the carnival closes shop for the night.

Buff prefaces the film with some whimsical verse: “Beyond the smell of funnel cakes and concessions… past the ballyhoo for the side-shows and freak shows of the mid-way, beyond even the thrill rides that beckon like calling cards through the night in the back lot, lies a living lot, called the “backyard” by the carnies that call this place their transient home. This is the playground of the Backyard Boys.”

Director Buff then hurtles his performers into a spiral of raw kink. The action begins with a hardcore sex scene featuring Race Cooper and Preston Steel – dubbed “Meatbag” by the Carnie community.

Things quickly take a turn for the strange when the devilish Leo Forte ravishes/gets ravished by the troupe’s chained-and-caged Wild-Man sideshow, Shay Michaels.

The fetish antics only crescendo from there: muscle man Blake Daniels hoists Blue Bailey up by his heels over bales of hay in order to give him a good electroshock treatment before he assuages Bailey with a tongue bath and edging.

Ginger sweetheart Logan Stevens offers a sensual respite, but Leo Forte shocks the viewer back into pseudo-reality by returning with a sounding rod outfitted with electrodes and a brass butt plug. Forte uses his contraption to punch-fuck Wild Man Shay’s prostate.

The feature ends with one last hardcore penetration scene, “Backyard Boys” style, between Blake and Blue.

“Everything came together perfectly to make ‘Behind the Big Top” one of my favorite productions,” Buff said. “I can’t wait for the fans to be able to see the amazing erotica we captured. All the details aligned to make this an exceptional project.  The concept, the set, the cast, the look and feel! I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together, and how charged the final product was because of it.”

“Backyard Boys” is available through Raging Stallion Releasing and is available in the Raging Stallion Online Store.