Red Apple Media Introduces ‘Media Vault’ Data Protection

Lila Gray

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media recently launched “Media Vault”, a data protection and backup system utilizing their innovative triple redundancy technology and is currently offering the service to online business owners.

Triple redundancy refers to the safe guards in place to protect content loss and/or damage. Each circuit has an immediate replacement in case of failure. Battery backup systems that can subsist without refueling for seven days bolster the circuits and can be sustained indefinitely with external power sources.

According to Red Apple Media representatives, many online business owners fail to prioritize content protection — and often suffer losses as a result.

 “Any company earning a living from a website must have a stand-by backup system in place to prepare for any unfortunate situations that may cause damage or permanent data loss,” Red Apple Media VP-Sales Michelle Lockhart said. “Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, technical failures — there are myriad circumstances that can devastate an online business and we help clients of all sizes in every category function at full capacity no matter what comes their way.”

Customers can also opt for alternative methods of data backup; Red Apple Media offers a dual redundancy system and secondary storage locations. Plans can be customized based on the customer’s unique needs to protect video source files, user data and other content.

For product details and information, please contact Red Apple Media at or at (888) 321-6239.