‘Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex' Featured on Huffington Post

LOS ANGELES — Adult actor-turned-sex-educator Jessica Drake was profiled on the Huffington Post today for her genre-bending DVD line, "Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex."

The author, Huffington Post blogger Vanessa Pinto, reviews the line and lauds Drake for her charisma, compassion and business savvy.

“When she and I spoke, Drake was warm, smart, funny and is appreciative and respectful to her fan base,” Pinto wrote in her article.

"Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex" is both a self-help guide and an erotic film. Writer, director, producer and host Drake uses a combination of narration and live actors to present enjoyable and innovative techniques for many sexual permutations, including anal sex, fellatio and threesomes to curious or confused viewers.

In the video, she also addresses emotional themes, like proper communication methods in a relationship and the effect of alcohol on sexual judgment. In a sexy twist, the video ends with hardcore demonstrations of the techniques described.

“Watching her DVDs was fun, informative and sexy all at once,” Pinto wrote.

Pinto details how each video was received by the friends she conscripted to help review them. One couple shunned the commentary, but enjoyed the sex scenes. A male friend found the female masturbation DVD useful for developing a better hand position for his partner. Finally, Pinto personally praised the threesome DVD for its exploration of trust and communication in sensitive situations.

According to the article, Drake began her decisive career in porn while still college, but eventually left school to pursue adult acting as a career. Today, Drake boasts an impressive adult  resume, with a radio show on Playboy and multiple industry awards, including the 2012 XBIZ award for Specialty Release of the Year for  “Jessica Drake’s Guide Wicked Sex: Anal."

She transitioned to sex educator after she successfully coached one of her female fans on how to achieve orgasm and realized that many viewers were in need of more formal guidance with intimate matters. This epiphany was the catalyst for her “Guide to Wicked Sex” and her new aspiration to become a certified sex coach.

“I always came into it knowing it was going to be bigger than just porn," Drake said in the Huffington Post article.