Calvista Upgrades Digital Asset Management System

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australian adult distributor Calvista announced today that it has upgraded its digital asset management (DAM) system for Australia and New Zealand customers.

The company said the new DAM software library allows users access to all of its digital resources, including thousands of product images and videos. The web-based program has cross-browser compatibility and enables users to search quickly and accurately, browse the results intuitively, review the resources and then download directly to their computer.

Resources are available in a variety of sizes from high quality print files to screen resolution files.

Calvista noted that the new library is a visually rich, user-focused interface to support customers in accessing and organizing the resources they require. The main search panel is available on every page, allowing access to the resources while the advanced search lets customers focus the search to find resources.

The built in video and audio players allow the automatically generated preview content to be played back within the browser. Currently supporting over 20 languages, the automatic detection and selection of language is based on the user’s system settings.

Every user has a unique username and password that keeps the system secure and allows access to previously saved resource collections.For further information on DAM, contact Calvista Australia on 1800 012 221 or email