CNN: Sex Toys Can Be Deductible Expense for Webcam Work

ARLINGTON, Texas  — In honor of April 15, tax day, CNN Money has come out with its annual list of "crazy tax deductions," one of which involved sex toys used in the production of webcam work.

Vincent Porter, a CPA from Arlington, Texas, said that when a client wanted to write off $200 worth of sex toys and other products, he gave the thumbs up.

Porter said that the expenses were legitimate as deductions for an exotic dancer who used vibrators, lubricant and lingerie during the course of webcam work.

"If a roofer can deduct the cost of his tools used in his line of work, then an 'actress' may deduct her 'tools' used to generate revenue as well," Porter said. "As long as she was not doing anything illegal, then we could support the deduction."