Reporo Introduces Javascript Integration With 2 New Ad Formats

LONDON — Reporo announced today a new integration upgrade enabling delivery of two new ad formats — the “Spinning Banner” and “Reporo's Adhesion Banner.”

The company said both formats are developed using JavaScript, and offer mobile website owners an innovative way of boosting their advertising real estate. The new integration displays the ad formats via Reporo's new JS integration, aimed at the expanding smartphone and tablet market.

As the name suggests, the new "Spinning Banner" rotates around it's axis and reveals three different creatives per user session. The spinning effect is time delayed to ensure the user has enough time to acknowledge each ad accordingly. Reporo said the transition between the ads is smooth, unobtrusive, and does not harm the overall user experience.

The key benefit according to Reporo is that advertisers have a higher chance of their ad appearing on more pages, and their products having increased chances of being seen by the users on the mobile site. In terms of performance, the Spinning Banner has shown that it increases the number of clicks and drives higher revenues for publishers.

Reporo's second new ad format, the “Adhesion Banner," is a step closer to rich media. Initially, it appears as though there is no difference between a normal static mobile banner, however its unique behavior allows it to appear and disappear seamlessly from the user's screen. Once the user loads the publisher's page and starts scrolling through the content, the banner activates itself, but only appears on the screen when the user is not interacting with the content. The new ad format requires an additional ad position to be created on the publisher's site and is in no way damaging to the already existing ad positions. The ad is invisible when the user reaches the top and bottom of the publisher's page, ensuring that existing top and bottom ad positions are not covered.

According to the company, this format will increase advertisers’ campaign performance, pointing to results from the testing period that indicated a high CTR level and above average publisher earnings.

“We have tried and tested these formats with a number of top brand Reporo publishers and have seen some amazing results,” Reporo operations director Neil Ives said. “Our publishers now have the tools to optimize their sites further, and Reporo can provide more formats and display options than any other adult ad network. This also helps Reporo meet the increasingly high demand for even higher quality converting traffic that advertisers have come to expect from the network."

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