Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios Unveil 'Just for You'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios on Friday announced the debut release of its new line of Guys Like Us DVDs titled "Just for You."

The Guys Like Us line will be focused on "young men having great sex."

The cast for "Just for You" includes exclusive model Ryan Rose, a former college football player and U. S. Marine, in his first footage shot under contract. In addition to a solo in the bathtub, Rose shares a scene with Bobby Hart. Meanwhile, Angel Rock pairs up with Wolfie Blue, Hunter Page hooks up with Hayden Richards, and Jason Goodman bottoms for Jack Patrick.

The common denominator in every scene of "Just For You" is the strong emphasis of "young sex-hungry tops and bottoms who know how to satisfy their desires and their buddies," the San Francisco-based company said.

Director Andrew Rosen remarked, “The concept of the new line was to find the hottest young, athletically built guys and focus on filming the hottest sex. No frills, no distractions. With our first release, 'Just For You,' it all came together and set the stage for a hugely successful new offering that is using new technology and production techniques that I’m very excited about.”

Company president Chris Ward added, "“Just For You' is a big deal for Falcon and Raging Stallion, because it is the first movie released by Guys Like Us, which is the first new line to be produced by either of the studios in five years, and the first new line to be produced by the merged studios.

“I have wanted to launch this line focusing on pure sex, filmed well for the last several years.  It’s what our customers want, and we have a great team to deliver it.”

Just for You will be distributed wholesale through Raging Stallion Releasing and is available in the Raging Stallion (http://bit.ly/10zWppt) and Falcon online stores.