Gazzman Reunites With Private to Direct ‘Cinema Gonzo’ Movies

BARCELONA -- Private Media Group announced today its April release schedule that includes two Gazzman movies: “Fuck Me in My Jeans ” and “College Whores.”

Gazzman reunites with the company that launched his career nine years ago with two movies to be followed by a series of additional reality-themed “docuporns” with Private.
"It's a real honor and privilege to direct again for Private,” Gazzman said. “The films we're developing will showcase some of the best reality-based docuporn there is, mixing real scenarios with news documentary techniques and really hard sex to make standout films that could push porn to another level.  

“It's what I call ‘Cinema Gonzo’ and it comes from my TV documentary past.”
“We are very delighted to have Gazzman back in our line-up of directors,” says
Xavi Rocka, production manager at Private Media Group said the quality of Gazzman’s productions and level of professionalism “fits perfectly with our brand’s reputation.”
Over the past 12 months,  Private has released 66 new titles. Private's 2013 schedule features over six new titles per month and additional direct-to-web content.