Aaliyah Love to Perform 1st Scenes for Brazzers, Twistys

LUXEMBOURG — After 10 years performing in the adult biz as a solo-girl webcam and girl/girl model, Aaliyah Love has signed an exclusive deal with Brazzers.com and Twistys.com for hardcore boy/girl scenes.

The studios will release the first of five exclusive boy/girl scenes in June. Filming begins this month.

"I am so excited and honored to be shooting my first Boy/Girl scenes for Brazzers and Twistys,” Love said. “My career took off a year ago when Twistys made me their Treat of the Month in April, so it feels right that exactly a year later they feature my first boy/dirl scene."

Yancee McDonald, Brazzers' content manager, said that the Love project "promises to be one of the most memorable projects we release this year.” 

“We’re honored Aaliyah chose us to take this next big step in her career and do her highly anticipated boy/girl scenes,” McDonald said.