Ad:Tech Seminar Looks at Google Glass' Potential

SAN FRANCISCO — When ad:tech San Francisco begins its two-day conference tomorrow, many will be focused on the future of mobile and how it may change the marketing ecosystem.

One seminar slated Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., “Beyond Google Glass: Where Is the Future of Mobile?” promises some crystal-ball theorizations on what Google's eyewear will mean for entertainment purposes including, possibly, porn.   

Already, the rollout is creating a stir, with some strip clubs, theaters and casinos contemplating banning them because their owners don’t want them filming there.

The glasses, which cost $1,500 a pair, are in limited release but will be more widely available later this year.

Google Glass has a camera next to the wearer’s eye that can take photos or record video without a red light or a shutter sound to tell others that it is working.

Peter Feinstein, managing partner of Sapphire Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas, told the Daily Mail that customers will be asked to check the eyewear when they come in.

"We've been dealing with the cellphone videoing and the picture taking over the years and we are quick to make sure that that doesn't happen in the club," Feinstein said. "As the sale of [the Google Glass] spreads, there'll be more people using them and wanting to use them at places such as a gentlemen's club.

"If we see those in the club, we would do the same thing that we do to people who bring cameras into the club. If they don't want to check it, we'd be happy to give them a limo ride back to their hotel."

Ad:tech begins its two-day event on April 9 at Moscone West in San Francisco.