Tasha Reign's OC Weekly Column Debuts

LOS ANGELES — Tasha Reign’s new weekly column, “Tasha Tells All,” debuts today in alternative newspaper OC Weekly.  

“This is such an amazing opportunity,” she said. “Writing for a hometown paper on a weekly basis is going to be so much fun. It’s also very refreshing to know that such an Orange County media staple is open to learning about the inner workings of the adult entertainment industry. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and educating the public about my industry.” 

Reign was recently featured on the cover of OC Weekly’s annual sex issue, as part of an article spotlighting 20 Orange County porn stars. 

“Let's be clear at the outset, though: this won't be no Savage Love or XXX-rated screamfest,” said Gustavo Orellano of the OC Weekly. 

“Reign will write about sex, of course, but she'll do so much more than that. Her first column will deal with Measure B, the ridiculous proposition passed by Los Angeles County voters last fall that makes condom use on porn shot in the county mandatory. Reign's planned second column will be a love letter to Orange County and why she left. After that? You'll have to keep reading every Monday morning for the latest.” 

To read the OC Weekly’s announcement regarding Reign’s column, click here. 

Her first article, “The Wrap Up On Wrapping It Up,” can be read here.

For more on Reign, visit TashaReign.com.