Kheper Games Releases Party Game Called 'Fail!'

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games, Inc. has announced the release of Fail!, which is billed as "a party game that playfully satires many classic family games."

The creators says the game's target audience is adults of all ages. The game has players submitting comparison cards as the worst possible answers in each of four categories: (Mis) Leading Questions, (Im) Personal Trivia, Trivial Abandonment, and Bad-Libs. Fail! answers include examples, such as: Mold Spores, Honey Badgers and Underwear for Two.

“There is a strong niche in our market for adult party games that do not require drinking,” said Brian Pellham, founder and CEO of Kheper Games, Inc. “Fail! allows good friends to get together, have some good laughs and take life a little less seriously.”

Kheper Games indicated it began pre-selling the game in February and has already landed the product in with several distributors and dozens of retail chains.

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