Adultmoda Launches Rich Media Mobile Ads

John Sanford

LONDON — Adultmoda has announced the launch of the ability for advertisers to run Rich Media ad campaigns on Smartphones and Tablets, which it says is a first for the adult mobile advertising sector.

While Adultmoda said it believes text and banner ads still play an important part in adult mobile advertising, its platform now allows advertisers to deliver experiences "that go way beyond what can be achieved using text, static graphics, or GIF animations."

Examples of Rich Media ads include:

* Banners that float or expand across the page, providing a large area for interaction and display of changing content/information to the user.

* Video players launched within an ad: A video player application can now be launched on a mobile website or app without the user having to leave the site they are browsing.

* Live content changes such as galleries, video feeds and live chat can be displayed without having to reload the mobile web page.

* Interactive ads that allow adult sites to communicate with users through features such as sign-up forms, location on a map, tweeting and social media interactions.

Benefits include:

For Advertisers/Agencies:

* More compelling ads which provide a far more exciting, fun and engaging user experience.

* Users can interact within the ad itself - no landing page required, and this user interaction will greatly increase the take up of services/products being promoted.

* More space available to get the message across, to offer services in an attractive way, and to really catch the user’s attention.

For Publishers - mobile website owners:

* Users can interact with a Rich Media ad without having to leave the Publisher's site. 

* High CPM earnings possibilities.

* Rich Media ads can liven up a site, acting as exciting content for visitors.

Terry Jackson, CEO of Adultmoda, remarked: "This is a great step forward for adult mobile advertising — we are really interested to see how the innovators in the adult and gaming sector will utilise Rich Media on mobile."

Adultmoda indicated they were already in talks with numerous tube sites and other high-traffic sites about running their Rich Media campaigns. The revenue potential for Publishers is expected to far outstrip that of static banners and text ads, and is typically on a CPM basis, according to the company.

Over the last year Adultmoda has continued to grow at a rapid rate, the company said.