Pink Lipstick Debuts Loungewear Collection

NEW YORK — Pink Lipstick Lingerie will present its new range of loungewear at next week’s International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

Pink Lipstick Loungewear is a range of sexy hoodies, boyshorts, and lounge pants, combining sequins, satin and lace.  According to the company, the line has already been selling at select retailers and received a positive response.

“Loungewear is a new category for us, so we entered somewhat conservatively with only eight styles, all in black,” Pink Lipstick Lingerie Creative Director Wilson Kello told XBIZ. “We knew we were on to something hot, and we took great care to make sure the line meets our internal requirements regarding quality, value and price. What we didn't know is that our customers would preorder literally everything before it even hit our warehouse. It's encouraging when demand outweighs supply, and we're rapidly developing new additions to the line for fall.”

Currently Pink Lipstick Loungewear offers two fabrications: cotton-spandex with satin and sequins, and stretch lace with satin. Kello said the collection’s focus is on comfort and style, something that can be worn while lounging around the house, as a sexy beach cover-up, or over skimpy lingerie in a strip club.

“We were surprised to learn that customers are asking for the more revealing all-lace styles more than the full-coverage styles,” Kello said. “This range is part of an around-the-clock Pink Lipstick lifestyle. Pink Lipstick Loungewear is what you wear around your house as you get your day going, changing into a sequin mini-dress as day turns into night, and rocking a naughty body stocking in the wee hours of the morning.”

Pink Lipstick Loungewear can be sold packaged or hanging. It ships packaged like a costume in a large transparent plastic pouch with a printed paper insert. Each item is also ticketed with a color hangtag depicting the style, and a six-inch Pink Lipstick decal that can be displayed to maintain brand identity.

“So far we've had reports of the goods selling very well both ways,” Kello says.