Red Apple Media Launches Qualified Hosting Promotion

John Sanford

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media is giving away a free iPad mini with every new qualified hosting plan, offering clients another rway to run their online businesses. The company said each iPad mini can be used as a portable control panel that allows content providers a fast and easy way to monitor activity in real time with just one touch.

Red Apple Media is a leading provider of managed web hosting and media delivery services, offering cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers, and e-commerce packages for clients of all levels of business. 

With the convenience of the Media Commander web-based management system, available exclusively through Red Apple Media, clients can use their free iPad mini to publish video, monitor downloads and streaming, and track bandwidth use from one interface. Clients can view live statistics and detailed analytics and keep their businesses streaming from this free wireless remote with constant access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

“Red Apple Media is in business to provide unique, useful and user-friendly solutions to our technology clientele and offering a free iPad mini ‘control panel’ is the perfect way to show it,” Red Apple Media VP of Sales Michelle Lockhart said. “We love finding new ways to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations and we look forward to hearing their feedback once they’ve gotten acquainted with the business benefits of their new free iPad mini.”

Starting now webmasters and online business owners of all sizes can qualify for a free iPad mini when they sign up for a hosting plan of $399/month or more for a period of at least 12 months.

Media Commander is a secure and precise technology that supports rich media, allows download and streaming limits, and provides live statistics in a clear, comprehendible format, Red Apple Media said.

Red Apple Media will provide previews of Media Commander and its suite of online tools and services at the upcoming Phoenix Forum from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on April 5 during the Sponsor Meet Market. The Phoenix Forum will take place April 4-7 in Tempe, Ariz.

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