Pipedream Products Expands e-Stim Collection

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Building on the success of the original Shock Therapy device, the couples-friendly Fetish Fantasy e-stim collection has expanded to include the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves.

"We're so excited to release one of the most well-received items unveiled at January's ANME," Pipedream Products Sales Manager Lynn Swanson said. "The Luv Gloves provide so many electrifying options, it's no surprise they were such a big hit!"

For solo play or an all-over electro-massage, the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves provide two-way electro-stimulation for both the wearer and whoever they touch. Simply slip a pair of latex gloves beneath the Luv Gloves to prevent shocking the wearer. You can also utilize the control unit by switching it to the "IN" mode for use as a relaxing hand massager.

"Our Luv Gloves are the perfect solution for electrosex beginners. The familiar design of a glove is much less intimidating than other Shock Therapy units," Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel said. "Plus, allowing the user to combine Shock Therapy with the organic movements of their own hands offers a much more intimate e-stim experience."

Other recent Shock Therapy additions include the Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit for all-in-one e-stim on-the-go, and a Shock Therapy Paddle for an electrifying spank. Shock Therapy Replacement Batteries have also been released.