Paradise Marketing Brings 'Billy Boy' Condoms to U.S. Market

Bob Johnson

VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing announced that it’s been tapped to exclusively manage, distribute and promote Europe’s Billy Boy condoms in the U.S. market.

The popular boutique brand features dynamic packaging, superior latex, and a wide array of sizes and textures for custom fit and sensation. The condoms are offered in a full range of styles designed for consumers’ unique needs including Special Comfort for a roomier fit; Special Contour with a c-ring at the base for erection enhancement; Beaded for textured sensations; Special Power for a thicker, more durable fit; and Extra Lubricated for a wetter, better experience.

Each style is distinctly packaged with colorful visuals for shelf appeal and welcomes shoppers of all sexual levels.

“Billy Boy’s high quality construction and wide range of styles will enhance condom displays in adult stores across the country with its unique and colorful look,” Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise said.

He added, “Made in Germany, Billy Boy maintains steady sales numbers and consistent attraction from key demographic segments of condom users. We recommend Billy Boy to all U.S. retailers looking to refresh their condom stock with this fun and friendly condom line.”

In addition to the line’s features, the products are hand-dipped in 100 percent natural latex and rigorously tested to meet strict quality standards in Germany and beyond. The company said each variety combines superior performance with reliability and safety and gives consumers a fresh and modern alternative to traditional condom brands.

The condoms are available in 3-pack and 10-pack boxes, stylish portable tins, and merchandised with clip strip or floor display options.

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