Exile Sets Release Date for Taboo Title 'Meet the Fosters'

TARZANA, Calif. — Exile Distribution has set an April 3 release date for "Meet the Fosters," a family-taboo themed feature from start-up studio Forbidden Fruit Films.

"Meet the Fosters" finds morally-corrupt and sexually deviant MILFS manipulating the foster care system to gain access to attractive 18-year-old boys.

"Yeah, twisted, I know," Exile Distribution president of sales Howard Levine told XBIZ. "Sales on Forbidden Fruit are through the roof. 'Meet the Fosters' is the most outrageous production so far from Forbidden Fruit."

"Meet the Fosters" stars Desi Dalton, Raven LeChance, Esmi Lee and stuio co-founder Jodi West as the foster moms. Levi Cash, Tony Rabino, Jimmy Legend and Dante LeChance play the adopted sons.

The title ships March 27.