Affil4You Offers Billing Service to Free Mobile's French Customers

PARIS — Affil4You announced today that it is now offering billing for Free Mobile’s French customers with an SMS payment option of 4,5 euros per video download.

The company said Free Mobile — the fourth largest mobile operator in France with more than 5 million subscribers —  helped influence the deal.

By allowing SMS payments for Free Mobile, Affil4You said it opened the gates to more potential business for all of its partners.

“We have a much higher conversion rate with SMS payment than with payment by credit card,” Matthew, Affil4You's marketing manager said.

He added, “We have seen a sharp increase in traffic with the ability to monetize Free Mobile’s customers. Now that we are able to do so, everyone can benefit. All of Affil4You’s affiliates can take advantage of this new payment method and can see the first results by selecting telecom operator FRA_FREE in their filters. We are very proud to offer this transparency to all our partners."

For more information on the payment option contact