Girlfriends Films Ships Boy/Girl Feature 'Truth Be Told'

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films is now shipping "Truth Be Told," a new boy/girl revenge-feature from acclaimed director B. Skow, starring Steven St. Croix and Marie McCray.

The film follows a sadistic Hollywood actor (St. Croix) as he faces blackmail from a mysterious young woman (McCray) who knows about his attempt to murder someone dear to her 18-years ago.

"The freedom to dig deep into both the drama and the sex is a major part of my alliance with Girlfriends Films,” Skow said. “Under our distribution deal, I am encouraged to build engaging, dramatic stories enhanced by sexuality.”

"Truth Be Told"  marks Skow's third boy/girl feature for Girlfriends Films since signing an exclusive one-year distribution deal with the company in August. Previous collaborations include “Voilà” and "Paint."

"We have been broadening our appeal with B. Skow's movies, and 'Truth Be Told' is another great addition to this collection," Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose said. We're always happy when he releases a new film: Besides selling the new title, it builds interest for the back catalog as well."

"Truth Be Told" co-stars Jessie Rodgers, Zoe Holloway, Jayden Jaymes, Diana Pierce, Kurt Lockwood, and Tommy Pistol. A hard trailer can be seen at