PHS International Reports Sales Surge of Nipple Clamps

PHOENIX  PHS International reports that its nipple clamp styles have seen an exponential sales increase in the last year.

Some of the company's most popular items include its Tweezer, Alligator and Jaw clamps.

"Following a more than 200 percent sales surge, these heavy-duty nipple clamp styles have become the No. 1 choice for men, women and couples exploring light fetish and bondage play," the company said.

PHS International said it brings retailers the widest variety of styles each offering a different intensity that can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Whether looking for a classic Tweezer pinch or a Jaw clamp’s more powerful pressure, shoppers can explore all levels of nipple play, the company said.

“PHS has always been known for our well-made clamps and offering more variety than typically available, but when we saw our clamp sales skyrocket this year we realized the market has truly embraced this category,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Especially following the world’s recent interest in bondage and fetish play, it’s no surprise that men and women of all lifestyles are testing the waters in this way. And PHS is happy to oblige.”

PHS International offers eight unique nipple clamp styles  Barrel, Plier, Alligator, Press, wide and classic Tweezer, Jaw and Criss Cross  merchandised in the M2M men’s line, Heart2Heart (H2H) couples’ line, and Fresh! vegan line.

Each clamp is available in targeted color schemes: M2M and H2H in black and chrome and Fresh! in a soft pink or blue.

M2M also features sturdy Barrel clamps in a polished brass finish.

PHS also designs a collection of fashion-inspired clamps featuring weights, charms, beads and bells.

“Not only does PHS offer quality and variety, we also maintain a timely fill rate that leaves our customers confident doing business with us,” Harnish said. “We look forward to seeing even more business growth this year.”

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