Raging Stallion Announces Release of 'Addicted'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of "Addicted," which was filmed in Madrid, Spain, and directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. 

In what the company calls an "inventive and intense" feature, Francesco D’Macho is captured making his way around the Spanish capital waiting for his next fix. D’Macho is "Addicted." Not to drugs, sex or alcohol. He's a voyeur. He stalks hot men, with a camera in one hand and his cock in the other.

Every day D'Macho puts himself in harm's way. He knows from how Damien Crosse and Alex Marte kiss, the way their pants are tented, they intend to hit it. With his shaven head, tats and sinewy arms, it's hard for him to be inconspicuous, but high-powered binoculars afford up-close views of a hard-bodied flip-fuck on the roof. He wants to catch Sergi Serrano and Scott Carter in the act. Being "addicted" drives him to plant cameras in their apartment…and wait. Serrano is a head taller than the pale, furry Carter, but height doesn't matter when you're on your knees or on your back. These guys sweat enough to fill a tub.
D'Macho grows bolder each time addiction strikes. He hides in the room and watches while Goran thumbs Massimo Blade's ass prior to a aggressive plowing. Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk tease each other while Francesco watches from the window. Each one gets penetrated, but Francesco blows his cover…and now he must blow Tommy and Lucio. 
Addicted can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on ragingstallion.com.

“We're really excited about this release," said co-director Steve Cruz. "Shooting on location in Metro Madrid, we captured sex cinema with renewed vision. And, with a perfect cast of rough, swarthy Spaniards, we felt truly inspired. Francesco D'Macho gives a stellar performance as the sex stalker, and he maintains the sexy, ominous mood that defines the tone of 'Addicted.'”

Co-director Bruno Bond added, “With the help of Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho, we were able to round up a cast of extremely hot, masculine European guys and set them up in situations to bring the connected, sexual heat.

"'Addicted' delivers the kind of intense, aggressive sexuality that Raging Stallion fans expect, in the cinematic setting of modern Madrid. This movie is the best that Steve and I have collaborated on so far."

Raging Stallion president Chris Ward believes "Addicted" will contend for honors this year.

“'Addicted' is distinctly Raging Stallion, has big-dicked sexy European studs throughout, and captures some of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s best directing work," Ward said. “The concept is scorching, the sex is off the dial, and appearances by superstars Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho only increase the sexual power of 'Addicted.'”