Lux Retail Displays Ready to Ship

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory has announced its Lux retail displays are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Reflecting the feel of the Lux brand, the displays feature the current entire Lux collection in an open design that encourages customers to pick up and feel each product in their hands, the company says.

Each easy to assemble acrylic display comes complete with one working Lux product of each design that is secured using an endless loop retractable cord.

The product display measures in at 45.5cm (18”) wide x 23.5cm (9¼”) deep x 37.5cm (14¾”) tall and is made to be placed on a table or attached to slat wall and includes the attached hooks to do so. For added convenience, each unit is shipped almost fully put together with minimal assembly required.

For more information or to order a Lux display, please contact a local Lux distributor.