Tenga Releases Limited Edition of 3D Sleeve

ATLANTA — Tenga has released a revamped version of its Tenga 3D male masturbation sleeve.

The Japanese adult concept recently introduced a new limited edition of the 3D in three of its five original textures. Limited Hard Edition 3D sleeves feature firmer elastomer producing greater feelings of tightness while every ridge or swirl is exemplified from the original, the company said.

The three textures the Limited Hard Edition are available in are described as follows:

Spiral: “A luxurious path of twisting curves, the Spiral is an adventure through swirling pleasurable trails. Perfect for fans of lightly ribbed or textured toys, squeeze Spiral for desired tightness and whirling feeling.”

Module: “The Module is a collection of randomly arranged pleasure blocks to simulate a different feeling with every inch. For those fans of dominance and hard-nosed pleasure, Module stimulates to get your heart pumping in impeccable fashion.”

Zen:  “Even the most masculine men need the caress of a soft touch every so often. Enjoy a gentle touch with Zen’s silky smooth swirls. If you prefer a slow and steady approach, or enjoy prolonging pleasure for as long as possible, Zen will massage you to ecstasy.”

The item’s MSRP is $39.99.

For sales, call (866) 542-7283.