We-Vibe May Be Coming to U.S. Drugstores

NEW YORK — The Huffington Post reports Standard Innovation is amidst negotiations with a major U.S. drugstore chain to distribute the We-Vibe couples vibe.

In the article, Standard Innovation CEO Danny Oscadca says that with the brand’s clean, upscale packaging, there is no reason why the We-Vibe can’t be marketed alongside other upscale drugstore consumer electronics.

Noting Standard Innovation’s international expansion, the article refers to the impact of “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the pleasure products market.

“The erotica book has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and has not only lifted sales for the We-Vibe, but has boosted the adult-toy industry overall,” the article states. “Other factors — improvements in small motor technology, batteries, and materials such as high-grade silicone — have led to a boom for the sex-toy industry, estimated to be worth around $5 billion globally, Osadca said.”

The article’s author Catherine New points out We-Vibe’s discrete packaging.

“But the key difference between the We-Vibe and the rest is that its image is not very sexy at all — one reason it may actually find a place among other banal appliances on the drugstore shelf. The packaging, the marketing, even the CEO himself — who prefers to use phrase ‘making love’ — are about as sexy as a blender.”

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