Dominic Ford 'Adult' Digital Mag Hits 25,000 Reader Milestone

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — announced today that its free “ADULT” digital magazine has celebrated its one-year anniversary, hitting a milestone of 25,000 subscribers.

Described by the company as the the first digital, interactive, hardcore gay magazine, the publication began as an iPad-only download and is now available for all web browsers and devices, and can be read online or downloaded at

"We started ADULT magazine because we saw a clear void in the market. While some mainstream gay publications have gone digital (and are fabulous), they are not hardcore. As hardcore print magazines have slowly disappeared is was obvious to us that someone needed to step in and fill the void, “creator and editor-in-chief Dominic Ford said.

He added, “Taking advantage of the interactive eBook format, we are able to go beyond the capabilities of a print magazine (or a print magazine whose digital version is basically a PDF of their magazine). From the start, we have stressed interactivity such as embedded videos, quizzes, and surveys. In addition to traditional print ads, our advertisers can embed photo galleries, videos and one-click 'more information' email signups or special offer signups.

"The user doesn't have to leave the magazine to tell an advertiser he is interested in the advertisers' products. It's amazingly powerful for our advertisers, who also have access to a complete dashboard of their stats. We've combined the best possible parts of print and digital into a magazine people love. And because we are digital, we can open up the world of magazine advertising to companies who are not advertising in print magazines because of their incredibly high ad rates. Advertising in 'ADULT' is extremely affordable."

Ford noted that advertisers from every issue are still getting impressions and clicks as the magazine becomes a collector's item.

"New subscribers routinely download all of our issues and keep them on their iPads. This gives tremendous value to our advertisers, as even those who advertised in issue No. 1 get the benefit of our 25,000 current subscribers."

Advertising rates can be found here.

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