Pipedream Releases Planogrammer 2.0

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The latest version of Pipedream’s Planogrammer was released today.

The manufacturer's unique merchandising software was improved with several updates, as well as new features.

"As always, our customers are our priority,” Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino said. “The updated program was not just made with them in mind — the very basis of the new software came directly from user feedback and suggestions.”

Users can now enjoy eight new features including more screen space for designing walls, the ability to transfer projects to another user, more user-friendly pop-up windows, and the addition of the Metric system for international users.

"The Planogrammer was already fun and simple, but its new and convenient features will make your plan even easier to manipulate," said Pipedream Sales Manager Lynn Swanson. "The new transfer feature, which allows a second user to continue working on the same project, will provide smoother interactions between account executives and customers."

The updated Planogrammer can be found at PDPlanogrammer.com. For more information, email help@pdplanogrammer.com.