CB-X Announces 'Bling My CB-6000' Contest

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — CB-X has announced the Bling My CB-6000 contest, which will award a grand prize for the most creative decoration using the world's bestselling brand of male chastity devices.

The manufacturer will also draw two additional names at random from among a pool of all participants who entered the contest.

To enter the contest, bedazzle, jewel-ify, paint or use any other artist materials to get creative with any CB-X chastity device. Next, submit a photo of the finished creation. Contestants are also encouraged to submit real user stories and/or photos of the finished piece being worn.

Each of the above methods of entry will earn the participant a single point. Contestants will have their names entered into the drawing to match the number of points earned. There is a maximum of three points earned per contestant.

"CB-X is excited to start the New Year with a fun and exciting contest to get creativity flowing," CB-X CEO Nikki Yates said. "The contest was inspired by fan mail and photo submissions we receive of unique user personalization of our bestselling products. CB-X is excited to see what will result of this open invitation for creative entries."

The contest is open to men or women, consumers, retailers or distributors around the world. Entries will be accepted between Feb. 19 and March 31, and winners will be announced in April. Stories and photos may be submitted to contest@cb-x.com . All participants will have their names entered into the drawing up to three times depending on how many points he or she has earned.

"CB-X attracts fans from all walks of life and with this contest we're encouraging them to express themselves," Yates said. "Our products mean different things to different people and we can't wait to see and read all about them."

Last month, CB-X was awarded Alternative Product of the Year at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. The company also unveiled its latest design, Points of Intrigue, at two of the industry's most popular trade events: ANME and ANE. The product's release-date, however, has been delayed due to Chinese New Year.

To learn more about CB-X Male Chastity devices or to place an order, email info@cb-x.com.

Contest participants are encouraged to follow CB-X on Facebook and Twitter but it is not required in order to be eligible to win.