Eldorado Partners With 'Laid' Norwegian Toy Designer

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado Trading announced today that it has added Norwegian toy manufacturer Laid Founders Line to its product selections. 

The company said Laid designs and develops sensual and refined sex toys of superior quality and function for men, women and their partners.

“We believe that when all aspects of function are truly attended to, form, ergonomics and aesthetics naturally follow," Laid’s Iren Andersen and Karianne Ronning said. "For us, sex, love and design go hand in hand in hand.”

Established in 2009, in Oslo, the Laid brand signifies edge, ease and performance. The developers are involved in every step, from concept and design to production and distribution, ensuring the use of safe and reliable materials, as well as responsible manufacturing and packaging.

“Which of Eldorado's customers won't like getting Laid?” Larry Garland CEO and founder of Eldorado asked amusingly. “Laid’s exceptional product quality is only matched by its sleek design, unique packaging and clever marketing. This creative line is sure to generate consumer interest — and profits.”

Eldorado said it will be carrying the full Laid line.