Sasha Grey Talks New Movie Role in The Daily Beast

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Former adult star Sasha Grey opened up about her new mainstream film, “Would You Rather” in an interview in The Daily Beast.

Grey, who made the crossover from porn in the 2009 movie “The Girlfriend Experience,” portrays a self-centered contestant in the pseudo-horror flick about a twisted game where guests at a mansion play to win a bone-marrow transplant by inflicting pain on themselves or others to advance their standings.

The former porn phenom has no nude scenes in the film and said she was happy about not being porn typecast considering the expectations when she made mainstream debut in the HBO series “Entourage.” In the new movie, the porn and torture are left up to the minds of the viewers.

The star did however recount her penchant for extreme sex. “I was about 17, and I was the last of my friends to lose their virginity, and I had these strange fantasies. I didn’t understand why and felt very guilty. I hadn’t even seen any S&M or BDSM porn, but I started reading erotic literature and short stories. There were things I would say to my best girlfriends, and they were shocked by them and made me think I was crazy. But reading more about these things made me feel less guilty. And even having sex for the first time and leaving it feeling ‘clean,’ if that makes sense; I didn’t feel dirty afterward. So I thought, why did I feel this way? And why do people feel this way? It’s not something people should be scared by,” Grey told The Beast.

Grey went on to say she left porn because she felt she accomplished her goals and she was done with working for other people. “Part of my goal was to change the way porn was made, and I feel like I did that as a performer,” she said.

When asked if she was ever propositioned by a rich, sadistic man, Grey said she hadn’t been but noted that in her new novel “The Juliette Society,” due out in May, the plot revolves around a woman’s sexual awakening after receiving a bizarre offer from a wealthy man.

Commenting on her new Hollywood stature Grey said she’s not interested in being nude or portraying sex workers, saying that if she took on those roles she might as well do reality TV.

“In addition to the acting thing, I’ve been writing screenplays and producing, which I feel any up-and-coming actor should do. It’s definitely an uphill battle, but it’s one I’m willing to fight, regardless of my past,” Grey said.

Late last year Grey was also cast in Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo’s new high-concept thriller "Open Windows,” where she plays an actress abducted by a sadistic madman.