Richie Calhoun Interviewed by

Chad Mayer

LOS ANGELES — Adult film actor Richie Calhoun spoke with this week about being dubbed the Ryan Gosling of porn and his role in Smash Pictures' "Diary of Love: A XXX Romance Adaptation of 'The Notebook.'"

In her profile, writer Amy Nicholson draws physical comparisons between the 2013 XBIZ Award-winning performer (Best Actor Couples-Themed Release) and the Hollywood heartthrob, and asks if Calhoun's moniker was inspired by Gosling's character (Noah Calhoun) in the "The Notebook."

"The origins of my last name were sort of random," Calhoun said. "I just like that name and I think it has a masculine sound to it with out being too bludgeony, too blunt. When I discovered [that it was the same as Gosling's character], I realized that people would wonder what you're wondering, and I don't care."

Asked if the sex in "Diary of Love" envisioned the kind of sex his "Notebook" character would have had, Calhoun replied "I wouldn't presume to say it's like watching Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams having sex.

"I think there's a certain similarity between me and Ryan Gosling and people can project fantasies onto whatever they're watching. But I think, ultimately, every sex dynamic you watch is unique to those people."

Calhoun is also asked if he is interested in crossing over to mainstream like James Deen and Sasha Grey.

"Not in particular, no. Working on television for a corporation like ABC or Disney sounds like a nightmare," he said. "There's a certain behavior contract that is formed in something like that.

"Though I like acting and acting is fun, it's not as important to me as I think it should be for someone who's an actor-actor. On top of that, what doesn't appeal to me is the public scrutiny and the expectation of good behavior. I have no interest in behaving."