Orion Wholesale Now Distributing pjur Collection

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — Orion Wholesale is now offering all of the pjur Group’s 82 products as part of their assortment, the companies announced today.

In addition to the pjur Classics along with condoms, the Orion lineup now also comprises the pjur Man line and the entire pjur Med line including sprays, condoms, and lubricants — all of which were produced for health-conscious consumers, with an emphasis on natural and nature-identical ingredients.

“We are very happy that OrionWholesale ramped up their assortment of pjur products because it reflects the great demand for the pjur brand in the market,” pjur CEO and founder Alexander Giebel said.

He added, “We see this, among others, as a positive feedback of our product placement via the new pjur displays. They attract attention and they also give a clear and appealing message to the consumers.”

Orion’s Hauke Christiansen said he is delighted with the new deal.

“With the listing of the entire pjur product line-up we emphasize our character as a wholesale full-line supplier and we are glad to serve our client’s demands.”

Pjur noted that its displays are also immediately available at Orion.

To order the pjur products from Orion call 0461-5040 210 or email hchristiansen@orion.de or visit Orion-Grosshandel.com.

Further information about pjur products visit pjur.com and pjurmed.com.