Positions Itself to Capitalize on IPTV Traffic

STOCKERN, Austria — PartnerCash and Saboom have debuted, the first website application made for all connected TV devices.

In beta version, delivers 25 different video formats to serve 120 platforms, including Smart TVs; TV sets that use a set-top box, blu-ray player or PlayStation; or TV sets connected through satellite receivers.

Donna Georgescu, PartnerCash's head of sales, told XBIZ that the process to view is quick and easy.

"Simply go on any Smart TV, or any sort of console, and type into the browser and you're there," she said, noting that can only be reached trough a connected device from the TV.

Saboom and PartnerCash report that there are 550 million connected devices worldwide, and that plans to capitalize on the different technologies.

"The Saboom.TV application was built to reach use-ability features customers are looking for," Georgescu said. "For handling of payments, people can do it directly with their TV remote, or they can also interact with our application through their mobile phones or tablets."

For payment, employs a unique system that uses mobile SMS billing, as well as debit and credit card billing.

PartnerCash and Saboom said that website operators can receive a 30 percent lifetime revshare commission for each sale that is generated from IPTV traffic; the companies have made a redirect script that helps redirection of  IPTV traffic to Saboom.